Kevin Hart is no stranger to success. As a highly accomplished comedian, actor, and producer, he’s become a household name, and one of the most recognized and loved personalities in the world of entertainment. And as you’d expect with winning countless entertainment awards, starting his own streaming service, production media business, and putting on multi-million dollar tours, he’s built himself a sizeable fortune.

So, that’s exactly what this page will be highlighting, Kevin Hart’s net worth and his current earning power. We’ll also include a few Kevin Hart fun facts related to his life, success and potential. So, let’s dive in.


kevin hart net worth 2023

So, what is the net worth of Kevin Hart? As of 2023, it is approximately $450 million.[1] However as his popularity rises, and as he continues to flex his business muscles, like his founding of Hartbeat media, his fortune will only grow.

In fact, we predict he’ll be a billionaire in just a few short years, especially considering how fast his net worth has grown since 2010; having gone from a net worth of $9 million to $450 million in just 12 short years.[2]

Just in case you were wondering, this comes out to a whopping 4,900% growth rate over 13 years, or put another way, a roughly 35% year over year rate of growth. Anyway you slice it, it’s extremely impressive!

How Much Does Kevin Hart Make a Year?

With a growth rate like this, you probably want to know how much Kevin Hart makes a year. Well, on average, Hart makes between $50 to $70 million per year in income. This is a conservative estimate based on Hart’s history of having some years that brought in $87.5 million, and some years that brought in $65 million.

So, our cautious estimate of how much Kevin Hart makes is around the $60 million per year mark. Having said that, here’s how much Kevin Hart could make if he decided to hang up his hat and retire today.

To get this estimate, we must assume he’ll take his entire $450 million net worth, liquidate it, and then invest that money in an asset that pays out on average 4.5% annually. Why 4.5%? Because 3% to 5% is what average returns on safe investments have been historically.[3]

That said, Kevin Hart could easily make $20.25 million per year starting today, if he cashed it all out and retired. This also comes out to around $1.68 million per month. That’s not bad for an early retirement plan!

Kevin Hart’s Money Metrics

Money Metric Amount
2023 Net Worth: $450,000,000
**Earnings Per Year: $20,250,000
Per Month: $1,687,500
Per Week: $389,423
Per Day: $55,631
Per Hour: $2,318
Per Min: $38.63
Per Sec: $.64

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric based off of the earning power of Kevin Hart’s net worth alone.  It does not include how much he could potentially earn from projects, sponsorships, or social media, etc… This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Kevin Hart Net Worth History

Kevin Hart’s wealth has gradually grown over the years. From $ 9 million in 2010, to $78.5 million in 2016, to the now jaw-dropping $450 million. His wealth has grown to the degree that his influence and popularity has. And as the graph below shows, his net worth seems to be accelerating.

Here’s Kevin Hart’s net worth history going back 8 years, which shows an impressive 473% increase in wealth in that short amount of time:

Kevin Hart Net Worth History

Kevin Hart’s Social Media Influence

Another avenue that could help Kevin Hart grow his net worth even more over the year is his social media influence.

Kevin Hart has a massive social media following which has the potential to earn him lots of extra money. How much money? Well, let’s take a look at how large his social media reach is, and then will reveal how much his social media could her him if he decided to leverage it.

Kevin Hart has over 36 million Facebook followers, 37.3 million Twitter followers, 174 million Instagram followers, 5.13 YouTube followers of his LOL Network, and 35 million TikTok followers. All of which comes out to a grand total of 287.4 million social media followers.

So, with a reach of over 287 million people, Kevin Hart could potentially bring in between $1.5 to $2 million per sponsored post, if he marketed it across all of his platforms.

Kevin Hart Fun Facts

  • Standing at 5’4″ tall, Kevin Hart wanted to be a basketball player in the NBA when he was young.
  • Hart was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1979.
  • Kevin Hart was once told that the comedy business was not for him.
  • When he first got his start in stand-up comedy, he was booed off the stage a number of times.
  • Before Kevin Hart made it big, he was a shoe salesman.
  • Kevin Hart is the proud father of four children: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori

How Did Kevin Hart Achieve Success?

Kevin Hart followed his dreams. He could have followed the path that most people follow, and stick things out at his normal 9 to 5, but Hart had big dreams. Dreams that he courageously pursued.

Kevin Hart Net Worth Quote

From almost being evicted, to spending years commuting to small gigs across state lines, to having a chicken thrown at him because his act was in need of some major polishing, Kevin Hart showed grit and determination.

He chose to take action, to follow his dreams, to put in the work that was required, and to never stop improving himself. These are the key factors related to how Kevin Hart achieved so much success, and it’s why he continues to accomplish so much as well.

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That said, here are a few of Kevin Hart’s most inspiring quotes about success to inspire your hustle:

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Kevin Hart Financial Success Insights

Here’s a great video that you may want to spend a few minutes watching if you’re seeking further insight as to how and why Kevin Hart has managed to build such a massive fortune:

Video Credit: Motiversity (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

Here are a handful of key takeaways from our Kevin Hart net worth page:

  • Kevin Hart Net Worth:  $450 million
  • Annual Income: $60 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $20.25 million
  • Social Media Followers:  287.4 million
  • Social Media Earning Power: $1.75 million per sponsored post
  • Keys to Success:  Taking Action, Work-Ethic, Grit, Kaizen

The net worth of Kevin Hart has grown so dramatically and to such a massive amount because of his determination to succeed. It’s also largely due to his relentless work-ethic, a characteristic that many of his fans started taking noticed of, ourselves included.

That said, Kevin Hart’s sizeable fortune is something that should inspire us. Yes, it’s large and may seem out of reach to most; however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn how to build a net worth like Kevin Hart, nor try.

Till you reach your aims,


** Disclaimer: These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Kevin Hart’s net worth alone, assuming a 4.5% dividend yield, along with other publicly available figures.

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