If you’re the type of person who enjoys learning from the success of others, then you’ll appreciate this article. We’ll be covering five Tom Brady leadership qualities that you can learn from, and leverage to begin achieving more in your life.

Who Is Tom Brady? Well, Tom Brady is one of the most notable athletes to still be playing the sport of professional football for the National Football League (NFL) — and many would easily argue that he is actually the most notable player in the league. He’s acquired countless accolades in the sport over the past two decades, and he has achieved feats that not many other players can match .

He has the record for most wins in NFL history, along with most touchdowns thrown, and most notably, the record for most NFL championships won. Tom Brady is a champion, but most importantly, he is a leader whom we could all learn from.

With that being said, if you’re ready to dive into the Tom Brady leadership qualities you can start using today to achieve more and level up your life in the process , then let’s get to it!


tom brady leadership qualities

1. Patience

When Tom Brady first started playing college football for the Michigan Wolverines, he had a very steep uphill battle that he would had to face. With seven quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart, he had to remain patient in his pursuit to become QB1.

How patient? Well, Brady had to put in the work, the snaps, the long hours of practice for two whole years before he would get his shot to be the starting quarterback. He had to patiently wait till his Junior Year.

Many players with big ambitions to play in the NFL, lose patience and quit when they realize how long they may have to wait. The same goes for many everyday people with big goals. When things don’t seem like they are on track or moving at the right pace with regards to our goals, we throw in the towel or give up too soon.

So, if you have big dreams and goals, don’t be deterred if things don’t work out for you overnight. Don’t be deterred if your goals begin to seem like they are too far off in the horizon. Success takes time. Recalibrate your strategy if you have to, but be patient and keep moving forward.

“I Thought I Would Never Get A Chance To Play, Until One Time I Did, Because I Was Prepared And The Opportunity Presented Itself.”

– tom Brady –

2. Confidence and Poise

Probably one of the most observable Tom Brady leadership qualities, is his confidence and poise. All great leaders have confidence and poise under pressure. And Tom Brady’s ability to exude confidence and poise when he plays is unmatched in the sport of football.

In fact, many consider Tom Brady to be the comeback kid, a nickname he earned in college, and is still referred to by many due to his countless 4th quarter and last-minute comebacks in the NFL.

Confidence and poise is a crucial leadership quality because it takes considerable poise to remain level-headed when your team is losing a game, when fans are yelling at you, and the pressure is on to win. It also takes a considerable about of confidence, to stay cool and calm, when the rest of the team stars to doubt themselves, but you press on anyway.

This leadership trait can be applied in various ways in your career or business. You could use it to marshal your team to meet last-minute deadlines. Leverage the confidence and poise required to close high-stake deals. Or, just to simply execute flawlessly on your tasks, especially when you’re tired, stressed, and feeling ready to call it quits.

Remaining confident and poised under pressure is what Tom Brady excels at. And it’s what allows him to consistently regain the confidence of his teammates, so that they too keep fighting to the very last second. It’s a powerful leadership quality, and it has helped him win, time and time again. And it’s a leadership trait we could all benefit from too.

“To Me, What Separates Really Good Players From Great Players; Execute Well Under Pressure.”


3. Determination

This leadership quality is more nuanced than the others, but courses through everything Tom Brady does. Tom Brady is the epitome of Determination.

Brady was determined to play football for the Michigan Wolverines, and he did. He was determined to become the starting quarterback, and he achieved it. He was determined to play professional football for the NFL, mission accomplished. Becoming the best quarterback in the NFL was a goal of his as well, and he achieved that. And he was determined to win a super bowl, and he won not one, but 6.

But most impressively, he was determined to leave the Team that he spent just over two decades dominating the league with, to join another team and not only go to the super bowl, but win it. And that is exactly what he did.

The main takeaway, is this, before you can do something, you must first be determined to do it. And it’s a leadership quality to emulate, because you can’t be a good leader if you aren’t determined to be one, nor can you achieve something without first being 110% determined to achieve it.

“If You Don’t Play To Win, Don’t Play At All.”

– tom brady –

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4. Humility

When we think of leadership, humility almost always seems to pop up. Sure, it’s not the leadership trait that gets the most attention, but it is the trait that can be ascribed to most great leaders. And without a doubt, it is one of Tom Brady’s most pronounced leadership qualities.

Tom Brady isn’t extremely charismatic, nor is he loud, boisterous, or arrogant. He’s humble, and low-key in his ways. He has a team-first mindset, and he gives credit where credit is due. But most importantly, he’s the type of leader who shows up and performs, and let’s his results do the talking for him.

So, don’t think that you have to be some smooth-talking extrovert to be a great leader. Nor do you have to be a flamboyant or polished public speaker. You can show strong leadership by emulating Tom Brady’s walk-the-walk approach in all you do.

“I’m Not A Person Who Defends Myself Very Often. I Kind Of Let My Actions Speak For Me.”

– tom brady –

5. Discipline and Hard Work

Last, but not least in our collection of Tom Brady leadership secrets, is self-discipline and hard work. Without a doubt, this is probably the top Tom Brady leadership trait that you should seek to adopt. Doing so, will help you find success in just about every area of your life, and faster than almost any of the other leadership qualities previously listed.

Brady has been heralded by his coaches and teammates alike, as one of the hardest workers on the team. He does whatever it takes to win. He works hard and puts in as much time as is needed to improve his craft.

If he has to watch hours upon hours of film on his opponents, he does it. If has to sharpen his throws, he puts in the required time to do so. No matter what it is, gym-time, diet, analyzing the competition, he is disciplined in putting in the consistent extra effort that ensures his success. And it’s a level of commitment that anyone can benefit from.

So, take Tom Brady’s lead, and commit to being the most disciplined and hardest worker you know, and success and achievements will be sure to follow.

“Things Don’t Correct Themselves, You’ve Got To Go Out There And Work Hard To Correct Them.”

– tom brady –

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a handful of the best Tom Brady leadership traits to emulate. Here they are once more as a quick summary:

  • Confidence and Poise
  • Humility

Great leaders perform at the highest level because they’ve put in the time and effort of preparing at the highest level. So, if you’re looking to become a great leader, you can’t go wrong by preparing with the leadership skills we’ve highlighted on this page.

That said, it’s always a good idea to remember that good leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are many other leadership traits you can focus on to level-up in life as well. However, we’re certain, that if you just leveraged these five of Tom Brady’s leadership qualities, you’ll begin to see positive results in short order.

Till then,


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