Is there a link between fitness and success? Well, the fact that working out is a key habit that many of the highly successful seem to have in common, our answer is yes. There is a definitely a link between fitness and success.

After researching 233 self-made millionaires and 128 less-successful individuals, author Tom Corley found that 76 percent of the rich and successful exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.[1]

Billionaire, Richard Branson has been known to extoll the benefits of keeping fit to be more productive as well. In fact, he once stated in an interview “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit.”[2]

But he’s not the only billionaire to praise the benefits of fitness and it’s ability to help you find more success. Many other billionaires have a strict exercise regime as well, regardless of their age.[3]

Studies have shown that our mental capabilities are directly linked to our exercise routines. The benefits of staying fit, include having a stronger immune system, more energy, and greater feelings of well-being. The reason for these benefits is due to the flood of serotonin we send our brains when we get active.

As such, the evidence is clear, exercising boosts performance, and those who perform better typically succeed at higher levels.[4] Still not convinced? Here is a more detailed breakdown on why fitness and success go hand in hand.


Exercising Improves Concentration

When you improve your fitness levels by exercising more, you also simultaneously improve your ability to concentrate. And no matter what line of work you are in, having the ability to concentrate can only improve your ability to do your job and do it well.

Lack of concentration on the other hand, leads to more errors and mishaps on the job. And making up for errors or miscalculations almost always leads to less productivity. And less productivity, whether you are working for yourself or a company, is rarely rewarded.

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So, improve your concentration and gain all the benefits that comes with it by leveling-up your fitness first.

Improved Fitness Makes You Happier

Improving your fitness levels is directly related with increased happiness levels. Much of it has to do with the increased levels of the happiness hormones known as serotonin. However, improving your fitness can also lead to feeling happier because you like the way you look.

No doubt, there is something to be said about having pride in taking care of yourself, and feeling good about the way show up in the world.

In fact, the reason a happier you lends to improvements in your professional and your career success, is because people want to hire, work with, and promote people who are a joy to be around. So, get fit, get happy, and watch how your opportunities in life begin to unfold for you for the better.

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Decreases Stress

Exercise has the uncanny ability to reduce our stress levels. Some say exercise is meditation in motion. Staying fit through exercise helps you reduce stress because it increases the endorphins your body produces, and when your brain produces more of these neurotransmitters you feel better.

On top of this, exercise minimizes the negative effects of stress by imitating stress. This imitating effect relieves stress by strengthening your bodies ability to effectively cope with stress when it comes across the real thing.

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So how does less stress lead to more success? Just think about your decision making abilities while stressed out.

Typically, we make poorer decisions when stressed, and this can negatively impact our work. In addition to this, increased stressed leads to a more a less-pleasant you. As such, a less-stressed out you can do wonders for your work relationships. And maintaining good working relationships with the people we interact with at work everyday is good for our careers.

Improves Creativity

Staying active and working out regularly can help improve your creativity. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have improved convergent and divergent thinking abilities. And these two thinking abilities are key aspects of creative thinking.

Research conducted by the Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience also showed that those who exercise regularly typically perform better on creativity tests.[5]

The good news from all this research is, that to reap the benefits of creativity, you won’t need to hit the gym 7 days a week. In fact, the magic number for exercise sessions is three or more per week.

So, if you’re not getting to the gym on the regular, maybe now is the time, so you can both get fit and begin showing of your creative genius at work and in the world.

Improves Your Immune System

Focusing on your fitness improves your immune system. When you get enough sleep, eat right, and work out often, your fitness levels improve, and as your fitness levels improve, so too does your immune system.

There are many reason why this is, some reasons include because physical activity helps flush out bad bacteria from our bodies, the brief rise in body temperature helps the body better fight infection, and primarily, because our white blood cells circulate more rapidly through our bodies, making them better able to detect and fight illnesses.

So how does prove a link between fitness and success?

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Well, the more days you show up at work, energized and primed to take on the job, the more opportunity you create for yourself. Because when you take too many days off, due to illness or whatever the case may be, the less likely you’re boss, clients, or peers will come to rely on you.

Consistency, reliability, and productivity always lead to more success. So, get fit, and become the person your organization can count on.

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Final Thoughts on Fitness and Success

Unfortunately, too many people don’t make the connection between their health and how well their doing overall in life. Hopefully we’ve shed some light on how much our professional lives are actually intertwined with personal lives. And, that when we improve the aspect that we are most in control over (the personal aspect), we positively impact various areas of our professional lives.

With that being said, we hope you are now more inclined to place more of your energy and attention into improving your fitness. Because as we’ve shown, there is undoubtedly a direct correlation between fitness and career success.

So, do yourself a favor and get to the the health club more, work with a personal trainer, or get up a few minutes earlier each day to get outside for a quick workout. Your future more successful self will thank you for it.

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